Nelson is horrified to learn of the deadly attack targeting the Afzaals, a Muslim family living in London, Ontario. This despicable act of hate has no place in our society.

Our hearts are with the Afzaal family, friends, and the Muslim community in London and across the country.

We strongly condemn this horrendous act of violence and hate. The presence of Islamophobia in our country is a sad and frightening reality and one we all must work vigilantly to combat.

Through education, we must teach tolerance, love, and respect to all that call this land home.

“This devastating act of hate and cowardice is sadly not in isolation. The rise of Islamophobia in Canada is something that should concern all of us. It is our shared responsibility to combat these acts of hate and education is an essential component in that effort.”

Steve Brown, Nelson CEO

As an education company, we recognize our unique responsibility in this regard and are committed to creating classroom resources that emphasize the concepts of empathy, inclusion, and mutual respect so that our children do not grow up with hatred in their hearts.

Internally, we are offering support to our Nelson employees who may be experiencing trauma due to this shocking tragedy.

Today, and as always, we stand with the Muslim Canadian community and against hate.


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