Joining the national initiative to shape the future of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning 

Toronto, ON., November 27, 2017 – NELSON, Canada’s leading educational publisher, will be sponsoring Canada 2067‘s National Leadership Conference December 5-6, 2017 at the Design Exchange in Toronto. This conference will bring together a group of diverse stakeholders from education, government, industry, community organizations and youth to have provocative discussions to help shape the future of STEM learning in our country. The sponsorship represents a further investment by NELSON as they reimagine their role as a publisher by working with like-minded partners to impact change within the education landscape, developing future generations of critical thinkers, discoverers, entrepreneurs and problem solvers.

Many of the most significant challenges facing Canada, such as healthcare and the environment, require STEM-based solutions. Leveraging the perspectives and opinions of Canadians, Canada 2067 aims to develop an action plan and national vision for STEM learning that leads to informed student choices that will ultimately drive much of the country’s innovation, economic development and growth.

“At NELSON, we have a student-centric approach and are proud to be a part of this larger nation-building initiative that will influence STEM learning across the country,” explained Steve Brown, NELSON President and CEO. “We know the realities of tomorrow will not look the same as today. So, it is through partnerships like Canada 2067, that NELSON is able to help lead change towards the positive student outcomes that will strengthen the home-grown talent pool and result in an investment in our future GDP.”

NELSON will also present their new digital learning solution, Edwin, at Canada 2067.This new transformational learning eco-system is currently being piloted, with user feedback informing development. Edwin‘s goal is to increase student engagement by transforming their learning experience, and helping to maintain and pique interest in topics like STEM.

“It is vital for us to stand alongside key partners like NELSON as they actively rethink their role in supporting Canadian students and educators in a rapidly changing world that is shaped by science and technology.  Innovative examples such as Edwin confirm our shared vision of providing Canadian youth with the skills and tools required to succeed in the career of their choosing,” said Bonnie Schmidt, president and founder of Let’s Talk Science and driving force behind Canada 2067.  “Canada 2067 is an opportunity for us to bring together NELSON and other critical stakeholders to spark the conversation around a unified vision and action plan for STEM learning in Canada.”

Results from the Canada 2067 initiative include increased understanding about STEM education and the role of partners; youth awareness; and interest in STEM-focused careers, leadership skills and peer networks. NELSON will further its commitment by integrating these findings in to future product development, as the publisher continues to drive positive change within the education landscape, to ignite student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

NELSON is Canada’s largest and leading educational publisher. NELSON believes in the evolution of life-long education and dedicates its business efforts to the creation of quality, innovative solutions that support the needs of every student, teacher and instructor to empower learning success.
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Presented by Let’s Talk Science, Canada 2067 is a bold nation-building initiative to develop a national vision for STEM learning.
Let’s Talk Science is a national charitable organization committed to inspiring and empowering Canadian youth to develop the skills they need to participate and thrive in an ever changing world. To accomplish this, Let’s Talk Science offers a comprehensive suite of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) based programs to support youth, educators and volunteers across Canada.

Let’s Talk Science’s suite of programs includes IdeaPark, TomatosphereTM, Let’s Talk Science Outreach, the Let’s Talk Science Challenge and CurioCity. For more information, please see

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