Two Canadian brands unite to empower educators and revitalize math classrooms across North America

Toronto, October 25, 2018- NELSON, Canada’s leading educational publisher and Knowledgehook, a Canadian ed-tech success story, announce today a partnership that enables both companies to better fulfill their missions to empower educators and play an important role in improving student outcomes. As part of this partnership, Knowledgehook’s Instructional Guidance System will be incorporated into NELSON’s learning platform, Edwin.

STEM-related jobs are on the rise and expected to grow in the years to come. [1]  Educators are at the forefront of a very important educational imperative; to inspire an interest in mathematics and to equip students with the tools they will need for success in the future workforce. NELSON’S digital solution, Edwin, is a learning ecosystem designed to increase student engagement, by transforming the learning experience and helping to maintain and pique interest in STEM topics. Knowledgehook empowers impactful math instruction, harnessing the power of data to track where each student is on their math journey, allowing educators to identify and address issues at both the individual and classroom level.

“Knowledgehook was inspired by my own struggles with math as a kid. Having the right guidance makes a world of difference and every student deserves to have a teacher who has access to the best pedagogical tools,” said Travis Ratnam, Chief Executive Officer at Knowledgehook. “We are excited to have Knowledgehook as part of Edwin, and to work with NELSON to provide more equitable and innovative resources for teachers and students.”

Through this partnership and investment in Knowledgehook, NELSON provides educators with the most comprehensive math offering on the market, meeting the demand for formative assessment and professional development. Today’s agreement marks a further strategic move to dramatically transform through acquisitions, partnerships and new product offerings, further propelling the company into the digital learning space.

“NELSON has a long legacy of delivering world-class educational products and services to students and to the teachers who inspire them,” said Steve Brown, Chief Executive Officer at Nelson. “Excellence doesn’t happen in a vacuum and partnerships, like the one with Knowledgehook, are essential not only for our ability to innovate and grow as a company, but also for our ability to empower our customers to do the same.”

To learn how to implement Knowledgehook into your classroom, click here.


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About Knowledgehook

Kitchener-Waterloo-based Knowledgehook is an educational technology company that has built an Instructional Guidance System for mathematics. It analyzes the academic performance of math students in real-time to identify best-practice teaching solutions to educators which directly addresses student gaps demonstrated by their performance. Knowledgehook provides an easy-to-use tool that helps teachers and administrators close student gaps and focus professional development on topics relevant to students. The company has won Google’s Game Changer award and was named Top Disruptor by BNN. The company’s last investment round was led by Sayan Navaratnam, CEO of Connex Telecommunications. For more information about Knowledgehook, please visit


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