Nelson and partner company Knowledgehook are providing open access resources to help students, families and teachers during school closures. 


Toronto, ON (May 4, 2020) — Nelson, Canada’s leading education solutions company, and partner Knowledgehook, a Canadian ed-tech success story, are providing resources to support families in order to minimize the impact on student learning during school closures. 

Nelson, a Canadian Heritage company, is supporting students, teachers and parents by providing open access to learning resources from Pre-Kindergarten to Post-Secondary, to facilitate learning at home. As announced on March 23rd, Nelson, and many of their partners, have been regularly adding resources to the Nelson COVID-19 Resource Centre in response to needs from the community. To ensure equity for all, Nelson continues to work with school boards across Canada to provide free access to Edwin—a digital learning ecosystem for students and teachers with access to all learning resources needed to satisfy provincial curricula, and on-line/off-line capabilities.  

Knowledgehook has recently partnered with the Ministry of Education in Ontario to provide Knowledgehook Open Access, a dedicated mathematics platform to support students and families during school closures. In addition, Knowledgehook has offered Premium access to its digital teaching and learning platform until June 30, 2020 so that teachers across Canada can access its resources for free, while transitioning to online learning environments for mathematics. 

“The global pandemic has shown now more than ever that we need to come together and provide resources not just for today, but also for tomorrow. Nelson is proud to provide access to many of our resources for free, including Edwin, our digital learning ecosystem”, said Steve Brown, CEO of Nelson. “We are proud of being able to work with world class partners such as Knowledgehook who step up to the plate with us in times like this to build world class resources that can support students and families during these uncertain times.” 

“Our mission at Knowledgehook has always been grounded in equity of access to the best learning opportunities for students, which is why we work predominantly with public education systems. This work is especially important now when normalcy has been replaced with uncertainty for educators, students and families”, said Travis Ratnam, CEO of Knowledgehook. 

Knowledgehook Open Access allows students, grades 3 to 10, to complete activities aligned to every learning goal in Ontario’s mathematics curriculum. myNelson provides access to curriculum aligned resources from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, and Edwin provides a rich library of content that supports provincial curricula for Grades 6 to 10. Edwin offers collaborative tools that facilitate learning from home. Most importantly, each of these initiatives are providing parents access to trusted resources that are regularly used in classrooms across Canada.  

School districts seeking information about Nelson resources, Edwin or Knowledgehook can contact Nelson Customer Support to be connected with their local Learning Solutions Manager. 

About Nelson 

Nelson is Canada’s largest and leading educational publisher. Nelson believes in the evolution of life-long education and dedicates its business efforts to the creation of quality, innovative solutions that support the needs of every student and educator to empower learning success.  

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About Knowledgehook 

Knowledgehook, a leading educational technology company, empowers over 450 thousand teachers and parents to collaboratively support the mathematics learning journey of over 5 million students worldwide. Winner of Google’s Game Changer Award and named Top Disruptor by BNN, its platform analyzes student understanding through engaging assessments, providing real-time personalized solutions to close learning gaps between classroom teaching and at-home learning. Designed by leading numeracy and research experts, Knowledgehook’s Instructional Guidance System is known for reinventing how online technology supports education and educators, while inspiring the problem solvers of tomorrow. 


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