14 September 2017 – Leading UK assessment provider, GL Education, has signed a 10 year strategic partnership agreement with NELSON, Canada’s leading educational publisher. The agreement will see a significant expansion of GL Education’s global footprint across Canadian elementary and secondary schools.

GL Education’s assessments are used by schools in the UK and around the world to understand students’ potential, track their progress and identify any barriers to learning they may have. NELSON will now take an exclusive role in the sales, support and marketing of a number of GL Education’s assessments, with a specific focus on reading assessments, attitudinal surveys, and screening and diagnostic assessments that identify special educational needs.

“Our partnership with GL Education reaffirms NELSON’s commitment to improving outcomes for all students. Their world-class assessments are tools to address early literacy and student wellbeing, and to allow educators and parents a greater understanding of their students’ attitudes towards their schooling,” said Steve Brown, NELSON President and CEO. “By focusing on those students who need the most support and assessing their needs early on, we can increase educational equity in all classrooms.”

Greg Watson, Chief Executive of GL Education, said: “GL Education is the leading provider of trusted and reliable formative assessments in the UK and in a growing number of schools in over 100 countries worldwide. Even so, our assessments reach less than 1% of the world’s children. Building new partnerships with trusted organisations like NELSON is one of the ways we support great teaching and learning for the other 99%.

“We are delighted to be working with NELSON and we look forward to seeing Canadian schools beginning to use our assessments to improve teaching and learning, bringing benefits to thousands of children in Canada in the process.”



NELSON is Canada’s largest and leading educational publisher. NELSON believes in the evolution of life-long education and dedicates its business efforts to the creation of quality, innovative solutions that support the needs of every student, teacher and instructor to empower learning success. For more information about NELSON, please visit us at Nelson.com or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

About GL Education

GL Education (known in the UK as GL Assessment) has a growing presence in British, bilingual and international schools in over 100 countries worldwide. We also provide assessment services to ministries of education and their agencies. For more information about GL Education, visit gl-education.com

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