Toronto, ON, February 26, 2019 — NELSON, Canada’s leading educational publisher, announced today it will begin offering its portfolio of world-class learning content by partnering with Bibliotech, an innovative etextbook platform based in London.

The Bibliotech etextbook platform was conceived to deliver a better experience for post-secondary students by providing full offline textbook support on every device, with synchronized comments, highlighting and a powerful text and image search engine for the entire library. With one click, students can purchase and quickly access their textbooks for an entire semester.

“Helping students find the information that matters instantly, with an experience that encourages them to go deeper in to the content, is fundamental to their education,” said Steve Brown, NELSON President and CEO. “We are committed to innovating our learning resources and delivery platforms to meet students’ expectations of what digital learning should be, and our partnership with Bibliotech brings us further along that journey.”

This modern etextbook platform can be integrated with any learning management system, making it a seamless delivery option for every Canadian institution.

“NELSON’s student-centered approach to transforming the learning experience naturally aligns with our vision,” said Dave Sherwood, Bibliotech CEO, “allowing us to expand our reach in the Canadian market with an organization that is equally vested in delivering accessible and affordable solutions.”

About Bibliotech
Bibliotech Education is a London-based startup spun out of Oxford Innovation Fund by co-founders Dave Sherwood, Tao Mantaras and Daniel Engelke. Bibliotech has developed a full-access digital library for textbooks that is making learning more efficient. With rapid growth over the past 18 months, the company now serves 5 universities in the United States in addition to 30 percent of UK universities, including University College London, Imperial College London, the University of Lincoln, and the University of Oxford.

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